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Friday, May 6, 2011

Spring Top Week - Entry 3

Here it is! My final entry for Spring Top Week.

The inside of the bodice, front and back, is lined in pink. Nobody but me will see, but it feels sturdier lined.

There's elastic in the pink casing under the bust but none across the back. I took a page out of some of the children's patterns I've used and did a button/loop closure in the back. Originally the back was cut straight across, but I decided that looked to... straight. Now they slope slightly diagonally down to the middle and it looks much more flattering.

Don't ask me what kind of pose this is...

I loved, loved the fabric from the little Zutano pants my daughter grew out of and I wanted it for myself. I cut apart the pants and used two pieces for the halter. The knit feels comfy on my neck and the owls get a feature spot. :)

It's amazing what buttons with no use can do for the cute factor.

I'm very happy with this top and I'm happy to add it to my wardrobe. It was nice to get to use some fun fabrics for me and not just for my kiddos.

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