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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Third Time's the Charmer

Have I been put under a spell?  I feel light-headed and giddy.

I told my husband that I would be wearing a dress I made out on our next date.  Now, of course, there's always the Jamie Dress, but I meant a new dress, one I would make from the many patterns I'm waiting to come to me in the mail.  Well, it turns out, my husband got a babysitter for tonight... and he didn't tell me until this morning when he called from work... and I don't have the pattern I was planning on using, or the fabric for that matter.

McCalls 6112 and Michael Miller to the rescue!

I had a vague idea of using Michael Miller's clown stripe in citron for an easy-wear dress.  I had my two yards washed and ready to go for whenever the inspiration and the time came together.  Then, I had an epiphany while browsing flickr  a few days ago that THIS was the pattern I had to use.

It was stylish, simple, comfy looking and, best of all, downloadable.  And this picture clinched it. 
Today, after my husband called, I got to work printing and taping and cutting.  Once I got everything (including the fabric) cut out, the rest was an absolute breeze.  
I wish I'd gotten some better pics for you, but the babysitter was literally getting out of her car in my driveway while I opened up my Mac and snapped these.

This is View C (no slits in the arms and including pockets) with the band on the hemline added by me.  I used a size 4 on the top and a 6 on the bottom and I think that worked out perfectly.  

It was sooooo comfortable and I felt soooo cute tonight all at the same time.  And can you tell I kind-of have a crush on the pockets?!  I'm very glad I read some reviews of other girls who said they wish they'd gone ahead and done the pockets.  This is my first dress with them. Yipee!

I could tell all the girls at the restaurant and the movie theater wanted my dress.  I could just tell.  :)

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