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Monday, August 15, 2011

Dresses, Dresses, Dresses!

Why am I so dern attracted to Dresses!? I don't wear them except to church and out on dates or to parties. hahahahahahaha! That just made it sound like I go to parties. hahahahaha!
ok, I've recovered.
Seriously, I keep wanting more and more patterns for dresses because I see so many beautiful inspiration pieces on other people. Either I need to stop feeling too dressy when I wear them, or I need to STOP sewing them! The only other option I can think of is I need to find someone with my exact same measurements who is coveting every single dress I sew. Then, I can wear one for a couple of months, sell it to her and start another. Whoever you are, call me, please.

All this blabbering is, as you might have guessed, an introduction to a post about some dresses I admire and wish I could find a reason to sew.

Firstly, Vogue 8413

I've never seen this pattern before, but I thought a version like Tilly's would be awesome. A knit dress that looks dressy = awesome in my book.
I just discovered Tilly's blog. It's over there in my sewing blogroll. Tilly and the Buttons. I'm hooked.

Second dress I'd like to bring to the table is the Sewaholic Lonsdale. Here is a link to the sewalong that Tasia (the designer) is doing for her dress. That tie at the top is such a neat looking but simple-to-make detail. Here is her version of her own pattern that really sold me on wanting one of my own. Tasia's patterns receive such complimentary reviews that it makes me want at least ONE of her patterns in my stash, if only for the joy of sewing up a well-drafted pattern.

Another designer who gets great reviews for "joy of sewing a well-drafted pattern" is Sarai of Collette Patterns. I've had to warm up to these patterns, since the style is definitely vintage and I didn't used to think vintage was really my style. Now, I live in a 1950's home with some authentic 50's pieces gracing our living room. I have immersed myself in blog reading of many beautiful blogs where vintage sewing is quite the norm. And then there's the general trend in shops like h&m, Forever 21, Banana and J Crew towards mixing vintage styles with a clean modern piece or two. I have, slowly but surely, been made to appreciate the charm and versatility of vintage style.
The pattern I have been lusting after longest is the Macaron, mainly because of The Sew Convert's Festivity Macaron. This combo certainly wouldn't be for everyone, but it showed me this dress in a new light instead of having to be solid on the bottom and white on the top.

Ok, got that out of my system. Whenever that person comes along that wants to buy some of the dresses currently filling my closet, then I'll get to these.... after I sew the second Socialite Dress and second Jamie Dress I already have cut out.


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