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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Indie Pattern Wishlist

I am unashamedly copying Green Apples' post because her post got me looking around at some things I'd skimmed over before and I'd like to document them so that when I CAN buy patterns again, I'll know what I want.
There are several smallish to very small pattern companies that have some very attractive patterns. Unfortunately, since I get most of my patterns for less than $3, $15-$20 seems like a pretty steep price tag. After all, aren't I trying to save money by sewing??
After seeing some reviews and after getting to know what you like, I don't think buying a few of these patterns would be a bad investment... and then there's always Christmas and birthdays, right?

First up, some monotony if you read Green Apples' post.  I knew of Style Arc, just hadn't paid much attention because there was no way I was paying over $3 for a pattern (as stated earlier) in my newbie sewing days.  Now that I'm getting more comfortable with knits, I can't help but be drawn to this dress.

The Marita.

Isn't it cool?  I can't figure it out, so I'm really curious to sew it.  I'm loving this for winter.

Next up: Victory Patterns.  Once again, another company there's been some buzz about, so I caught wind but wasn't ready to commit.  Ever since I first browsed their site, I've loved Hazel.

I actually love the colors and styling of this example, but probably couldn't pull it off.  It's perfect for the color blocking trend and wouldn't it be pretty in pink and orange? or purple and aqua? or coral and navy??

Now here's a pattern I already have, but I thought I'd put it in this post anyway.  It's the Scout Woven Tee from Grainline Studio.  This one's on the very affordable list, coming in at $4.50 and it's a great go-to staple for your wardrobe.

Lastly, I want to remember to get the Go Anywhere Dress from Sewn.  I would NEVER have bought this pattern had I not seen it made up in Whipstitch on a recent trip to Atlanta.  I was so drawn to it on the dress form and HAD to know what pattern it was.  The lady working there told me it was a great princess seam dress and so easy to fit.  She said they call it "the magic dress" there at the shop, because they'd made it, like, three times for three ladies that wear three different RTW sizes and they all wore the same size (with minor alterations) in this dress!  A dress that will fit anyone?!  Princess seams that go up to the shoulder instead of into the armpit and therefore are easy to adjust?  Yes, please!


  1. Okay, this is why I like reading your blog. I have never heard of any of those!! thanks for sharing!

  2. Yey! Good copy cat post. I've been eying the Go Anywhere dress lately, and wondering why it never made a splash on blogs! I love the way the cover sample mixes up the directional fabric - I think it would be really fun and flattering! I can hardly find ANY talk about this pattern online though. I wonder why not?