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Monday, June 4, 2012

The Pattern Pact and McCalls 6559

1 of 14.

I periodically binge on either patterns or fabric.... usually a sale I can't resist is the culprit.  It seems one pattern company is always on sale at either JoAnns or Hancock Fabrics and there is always another sewing blogger that makes a really neat version of a pattern I don't have.
After some bingeing, then I get overwhelmed with all of the projects I'm going to have to complete.  I HAVE to make things sooner rather than later, because if the fabric and patterns just sit there, it's kind-of like not having them at all.  This is my brain, people.  So I feel pressured and guilty.

In one of these pressured, guilty moments, I decided to tell my husband to give me a percentage of unused patterns from my stash that I needed to try before buying any more.  I told him to be nice.  Knowing a man's mind, he would have easily spat out "why don't you just use all of them before you get any more?"  You and I know that that's just out of the question. Thankfully, in my moment of vulnerability, he was kind.  He said I should sew garments from 50% of my pattern stash before I get any more.
Next step was counting.  I really wasn't totally sure how many untouched patterns I had.  My guesstimate was 25.  I was close.  I have 28.

It has begun, the countdown.. and the time period in which I do not worry about what cute patterns I might want to make one day.  I instead focus on all the wonderful patterns I already have that I would really like to be in my closet instead of just in envelopes in my pattern basket.

I present to you McCalls 6559.

I have wanted a t-shirt maxi dress for many months.  I began pinning them on my Sewing Inspiration board and then, as if McCalls had seen my pins, they released 6559.

I got the fabric here.  It's so hard to imagine this much of it from just a swatch, but I got lucky.  I really like it a lot.
After reading other's reviews, I raised the front neckline 2" and it's perfect for me.

I used Green Apples' method of finishing the arms and neck.

I pretty much have to have the belt.  The fabric pools atop my ample booty.  A sign of my growing knowledge, though: I knew this was going to happen.  Without a waist seam, darts or at least a seam down the center back, there's no possible way to adjust for sway back.  I wasn't surprised when it happened.  I just went to my closet with the dress on to pick out a belt that would work and, voila, problem solved.  :)

One down, thirteen to go.  No rush.  No guilt.  I actually feel relieved and excited that I get to focus on the patterns I have without distraction.
Anyone want to join me with their own Pattern Pact?


  1. I am excited to see what your next one is going to be!

    Love your fabric and the belt is just perfect!

  2. You realise what you've done, don't you? You've mae me want to buy this pattern myself - which doesn't help with my own pile of unmade patterns!!!! Thanks. Thanks a lot! :P

    Seriously, it's great. Love the print, love the pattern, love your styling! :)

    1. haha! I didn't think about my own posts being torture for others. Well, we'll just have to start a list, won't we?

  3. The pattern pact is a good idea; it helps to have outside enforcement too. Once you've shared the goal, people will call you on it. ;)

    1. Well, I can hide more patterns from you and the blog, but I would feel super guilty if I hid them from my husband. I involved him because I knew I would feel responsible to keep the bargain. Besides, I enjoy a challenge. :)

  4. What a fun version of this pattern! Great fabric choice.

  5. very nice dress and this is also a chance to stash down pile if fabric :) let me see into mine :))

  6. 28 patterns that are unused? I must really need an intervention then. I probably have 228. I sat myself down with my fabric swatches and picked out some suitable matches and had a pattern cutting out marathon. It really helped speed things along having that first stumbling block for me out of the way. Congrats on your solution. Love your version of this dress.