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Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Vogue 1224

2 of 14.  (if you're unclear about what that means, read this.)

Vogue 1224 a Tracy Reese design.

This is the first time that I didn't really follow the instructions on the pattern.  The pattern calls for a stretchy fabric.  I used woven and cut the skirt the largest size. The skirt should be lined. Mine's not. The neckline is supposed to have a tie. I did elastic.  I don't even know how the waist seam was designed to be sewn because I didn't even look.  I just sewed the bodice to the skirt and then attached a piece of 1/4" elastic to the seam allowance on the inside, stretching as I sewed with a zig-zag stitch.
With all these short cuts, and the fact that I had cut the fabric out back in September (!!) this dress was done in less than 2 hours.

I like it.  It seems easy to wear, although I haven't worn it for more than the 15 minutes it took to get pictures...

It's, um, short.  Have you ever seen me in something this short?
Well, that's because I own NOTHING this short.  Wear your dresses and skirts how you like, but I was raised that the hemline should reach the top of the kneecap and I haven't really changed since 4th grade in that respect.

Here's the stretchy neckline.

And here's an alternative way to wear it, when the weather gets a little cooler.  I think tights will help a lot with the exposure issue.

As I mentioned, it's very comfortable.  I do have plans to make another in a knit.  I'll probably cut it several sizes smaller and, ahem, a few inches longer too.

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  1. Cute dress, looks perfect on you, don't worry, is long enough for your legs!