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Monday, February 17, 2014

Accidental Goodness for Valentine's Day

I have two identical dresses cut from some gorgeous blue and pink Jennifer Paganelli fabric that I was planning to sew up to dress my girl's identically for church and lunch with the family on the 16th.  
I never got inspired to sew them, though.  I wanted to do some embroidery on them and just couldn't get a vision in my head.

So, this is what my 6-year-old wore instead.

It's an Old Navy white shirt that I cut off the bottom of and added this remnant of oh-so-soft watercolor knit I found fabric shopping in DC last year.

I have to be totally honest with you.  The whole reason I cut off the bottom of the shirt is because I embroidered a bird on it, but it was sideways.  I hadn't used the pattern before and didn't know which direction it would face in the hoop.  I guessed wrong, so I had to cut the bottom off, cut the bird out and sew it somewhere else.

It ended up on the sleeve and, thankfully, this was a happy accident with a lovely ending.

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