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Monday, February 10, 2014

Finding Focus

.....because I can win stuff.

I'm participating in the Sew Yourself Some Love festivities this month.
Even though I'm always alternating between sewing for me and sewing for my girls and even though I do have about four things in my queue right at this moment to sew for my girls, I am using this as an excuse to ramp it up when it comes to getting some things finished for me this month.
Prizes are excellent motivation.

Building a Better Wardrobe Giveaway

I've already got a pair of pants and a Plantain (free pattern from Deer and Doe) shirt knocked out.  I've got immediate plans for a Simplicity Lisette Traveler tunic/shirt and the pants from Vogue 1378 (scary) and then we'll see what else develops.

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