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Friday, February 28, 2014

Vogue 1378 In Purple

Fresh out of the shower and modeling the pants I finished today before I put on what I'm really going to wear for the evening... while I tidy my house because the home inspector is coming tomorrow.  We are renting currently and our landlords have decided to sell.  We have until April 15th to find a new place and hopefully, I will be able to say that my husband has found a job with a Radiology group by that time as well.  
In the meantime, we can keep ourselves occupied with Vogue pants.
Shall we?

I ordered a couple of fabrics from Fabric Mart to remake these, one black and grey zebra print double knit and this purple ponte knit.  Once I had them in my hand, the purple wanted to be pants and the zebra didn't.

I made the changes to the pattern pieces that I talked about in my last post and, overall, achieved the results I was looking for.
This ponte is MUCH softer, so that helps tremendously with comfort.

See?  I told you I was fresh out of the shower.  Anyone else have to just take a shower when they can get it?  For me it is often mid-day during my girls' TV time.

Even after shortening them more, it was like they magically grew as I sewed and I still lost a lot of the overlap detail at the bottom because I had to cut about 3" off of these before hemming!

Knees are still in the right place.

Flats are exactly my style, so this length is perfect.

I thought this pattern might be the kind of pattern that, once I got it to fit me, I would make it again and again in different fabrics.  But, I don't think that's going to be the case with these.  I just don't feel really really ME in them, so I don't want a bunch of pairs.  I also need to figure out how to best style them.  I threw on this shirt really quickly, but I need to do some experimenting to see what will be flattering with them.
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  1. They look wonderful Sara Beth! And yes I can relate to the shower thing..... when ever I can.... usually mid day when the little one goes for he nap.

  2. aaaaaah the perfect shade of orchid! those seamlines are SO interesting, love that topstitching too.