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Friday, May 2, 2014

Me Made May - Day 1

HAHAHAHAhahahahaha!!!  I just wrote "Day 1"  in the title of this post which seems to mean that I would subsequently have a "Day 2" and "Day 3" and so on.  Well, maybe I should re-title it because we all know that AIN'T gonna happen.  At this point, you can either breathe a sigh of relief that I am not going to try to make an entire blog post out of my outfit every day or you can lower your expectations of me and plan on getting your daily fashion inspiration somewhere else.

Gracious, I'm feeling saucy this morning.  Maybe I should have gotten more than halfway through my first cup of coffee before writing?

Alright, enough.  On to my outfit from May 1st.

The stairway in our last house was a nice spot for photos.  I had my husband grab this shot really quickly in the carport of our "new" rental as we were headed out to an orchestra concert at his old highschool.  I think I like the brick and may have found my new photo location, at least on sunny days at about 5 o'clock when the light is perfect.

Outfit details:
top- Grainline Scout Tee in cotton lawn
bottom- Molly Blossom Magnolia Breeze pant (currently in testing) in chambray

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And if you decided to take the challenge, there's fabric and patterns to be won with added giveaways this year!

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