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Thursday, May 15, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 4 - 8

I knew my Me Made posts would start to lag behind and here we are, already halfway through the month.  I won't hit you with 10 at once, so we'll just look at days 4-8 today, k?

Day 4 - This was the first time out for McCalls 6841.  I figured out a way to style it with a tank top under and a cardigan over.  I was pretty pleased with that look, but I hate to only be able to wear it in cool weather.  We'll see.

Day 5 - I used the Ki ba doo Raglan pattern and some euro clouds to make a fun tee.

Day 6 - My only me-made on the 6th was my Handmade Therapy Satchel Bag.

Day 7 - My Piko top that I made because of all the patterns I was sewing while promoting the Sew Fab sale.  I've worn it twice now.  It's very easy to wear and nice and cool on hot days.  This was a good make and a great way to finally use this fabric leftover from my wadder.

 and Day 8 I didn't wear anything me-made except when taking photos for my Rigel Bomber post...so I'm counting that.

I've sewn about 6 items for me already this month, which is awesome, even though that wasn't part of my pledge.  I'll be back another day with another update!

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