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Friday, May 16, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 9-13

Back again with another Me Made May encapsulated update to try to get up to speed.

Day 9 - My husband took my girls and I to breakfast.  You may be able to tell in the picture that I am still bleary-eyed and have not yet had my first cup of coffee.  It was a Friday challenge day and the theme was "blue" (Every Friday on the MMM Flickr group, there is a theme.) so I wore my Colette Clovers made from turquoise bengaline stretch material.  I had to take them off soon after we got home because they were not stretchy enough to adjust to the big breakfast I ate!

Day 10 - Oops... I somehow lost track of this day and don't know now what I wore.

Day 11 - Mother's Day!  We went to church and then had a lovely buffet lunch at the country club my husband's grandparents belong to.  I wore McCalls 2187, not fully blogged, but pictured and mentioned here.

Day 12 - My underwear was my me made of the day.  It's from when I tested the Jocole Ladies Basic Brief Bottoms, which are easy to sew, but anything but a basic pattern.  With a million and one variations of leg openings and waist heights and even a ruched butt option, these are the only panty pattern you may ever need to try.  I won't post a pic, but you can find my tester picture (pink and red fox panties) at the bottom of this page.

Day 13 - We went to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens and I tried out a bit of a mixed up style with shorts and a 3/4 sleeve cowl made from the Sewaholic Renfrew pattern.  Preppy spring?  I dunno.  I carried my Handmade Therapy Satchel and wore my favorite Crocs.


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