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Sunday, May 18, 2014

Me Made May 2014 - Days 14-18

Day 14 - My Sewaholic Renfrew made from two fat quarters of Spoonflower knit, a men's mustard yellow tee from Goodwill and a coral Old Navy tee.  You can see the original post about it here.

Day 15 - I wore my Vogue 1378 ponte pants.  More details here.  And some more pictures in this post as well.

Day 16 - This was a themed Friday over in the Flickr group and the theme was "Too Pretty To Wear Pants" after a commenter in a previous Me Made month made that comment about one of the participants.  So it is a bit of an inside joke to the Me Made Flickr group. I wore a maxi dress made by altering McCalls 6559 a bit and carried my Gretelies Josipa bag. Dress blogged here.

and bag blogged here.

Day 17 - I wore my denim knit leggings that took me from lounging/sewing during the day to attending my husband's grandma's birthday dinner in the evening.

Day 18 - I carried my Josipa bag again today that you saw up there with my maxi dress and that is the only me-made I can claim for this day.

Random highlights of today - 
I got two pairs of denim shorts at Old Navy today that I love the fit and the look of.  When I can buy something I love for less than the cost of the materials to sew something similar (not to mention I am not even ready to sew jean shorts with rivets and such) I definitely have no regrets buying it.  I am grateful for sales and getting two pairs of shorts for $25 makes me very happy.

We went to the High Museum of Art for a members only preview of their latest exhibit, Dream Cars, and saw the neatest thing!
It's a BMW concept car covered in fabric!

This concept car is covered in two layers of fabric stretched over an aluminum/carbon fiber frame. There is an under layer of wire mesh and an outer layer of polyurethane-coated lycra that is resistant to water, heat and cold. It was designed with customization of the shape of the car in mine, according to changing consumer desires.  
I could see the stitches down the center of the hood.  It was so cool.

Will a Spoonflower contest of the future be to design a the fabric to cover the exterior of a car?

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  1. You look dazzling in blue. It's your color. Definitely, Sara. The one with feathers is also good. Thanks for posting! Merry Christmas to you and your family!
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