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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Piko Top

You probably know that I enjoy sewing for myself almost as much as I enjoy sewing for my girls.

After many makes that ended up not really being useful in my wardrobe or just weren't the right shape for me, I am much more commited to carefully considering fabric and style of the garments I sew.  I try to see what attracts me in a shopping mall and then sew based off of those observations about myself.  Yes, I want to sew something unique, but not so unique that I never feel comfortable taking it off the hanger to wear.

I was happy to find that the Piko Top from Everything Your Mama Made was included in the Sew Fab pattern bundle this Spring because it is exactly the kind of pattern I need.  I like to buy specialty patterns.. the kinds of things I can usually only justify sewing once because having five of them would be weird.

A shirt like the Piko can be made in several different fabrics, with and without sleeves and provide a range of different looks.

The pattern calls for a knit, but I changed it around, as usual and chose a silky rayon print for the front and short sleeves and knit for the back.

I compared the pattern pieces to a similar style knit shirt I already had and decided to take in the side seams several inches based on the fit of my other shirt.  I still left plenty of ease, though, since I wasn't using a stretch fabric for the front.

I didn't have enough of either of these two fabrics to make a whole garment, so the fabric mixing idea allowed me to use some fabrics from my stash that I loved and didn't know what to do with.

It would be hard to find an easier sew than this top.  This will be a great addition to my Summer wardrobe, but imagine it made in a yummy thick french terry or sweatshirt fleece and layered over a long-sleeved shirt in winter.  Ooooohhhh!  I totally need to do that!!

This shirt had it's first outing yesterday when I took my girls to the Atlanta Botanical Gardens.

Recognize my bag?  Heck yeah, it's my Handmade Therapy Satchel.  I was rockin' the Sew Fab bundle yesterday.
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