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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Me Made May - May 7-9

Brindille and Twig patterns are some of my favorites for my little boy, so when I discovered that the designer had begun a women's line, I was very interested.  I bought the Street Style Patterns Draped Cardigan and also picked up the free leggings.  I haven't tried the leggings, but I did try the cardigan with some mystery (sweater knit?) fabric that was in my stash from a bargain table several years ago in DC.
You should go check out the website to better see the seam lines of this cool pattern.  It looks like it would be more challenging, but, other than cutting out more pieces, it's not really any more challenging than any other cardigan pattern I've tried.

The pattern is well-drafted and has such creative seam lines.

I want to try another and lengthen the back a bit and maybe even try the tassel option.  (go look at the website)

May 8th I wore a v-neck raglan tee.  This fabric was purchased for my children, but I got greedy.  I needed it.

May 9th, I wore a knit maxi dress that I made years ago (originally blogged here).  It sees my closet lights more than the light of day and I'm so glad Me Made May encouraged me to bring it back out again.  I felt a bit overdressed at the playground, but definitely comfortable.


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