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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Me Made May 2017 - May 1-6

May 1st
I'm kicking off this May with a brand new make in a different city.  My family lives in Atlanta, but my husband and I went on a trip to New Orleans for a few days and I packed my Me-Mades so I would be ready!  
This is the Margo Blouse from Blue Dot Patterns.  I cut the size according to my measurements, but I will probably cut one size larger if I do it in woven again.  It's a bit tight across my upper chest and under my armpits.  I made it from a mystery lightweight woven I got in DC a few years ago.  Probably a cotton lawn?

Beignets at Cafe Du Monde was a lovely start to my day.

Later, in the evening, we went to Brennan's and had a delicious meal topped of with Bananas Foster flambéd talbe-side.  Brennan's claims to be the original inventor of this dessert.

I used an ITY knit, also waiting in my stash for several years from a DC purchase, to make this pleated sheath.  Super duper win on this one, because, even though hubby knew it was Me Made May, he totally didn't know this wasn't store-bought.  When I put it on in the hotel before dinner, he commented that he hadn't seen it before and really liked it.  Then I had him cut a brown thread off and mentioned I should have used black and he looked astonished.  "Wait, you MADE that!?"
Pretty awesome coming from someone who knows I make a bunch of stuff.

May 2nd
This is the Halla Slim Dolman in double brushed poly from Love Adore.  I added a thick ruffles to the sleeves.  This pattern has been so useful for me!

In the evening, we rode the trolley down to Mr. B's for dinner and I wore a Butterick pattern dress made from some ITY knit

 This second photo, I took to show the wrap detail on the bodice, but it shows off my new favorite necklace, too.  It's Lucky Brand, which I'm starting to really love.  Brighton used to be my favorite jewelry brand, but Lucky Brand is right up there with them now.

May 3rd
Just some knit pj pants today.  No pattern.  I traced around a pair of lounge pants I have owned since college.  (full disclosure: I decided soon after this photo that it was going to be too hot to sleep in these, but hey, I did wear them for a minute.)

May 4th
Before I headed to the airport to travel back home to Atlanta, I had my husband snap a quick shot of me in the hotel.  I made these chambray, elastic waist, lace-trimmed, wide-leg pants several years ago based on a pair of wide-leg linen pants from Anthropologie.  I don't wear them much... but that's part of the charm of Me Made May.  Now that I'm trying to wear a Me Made every day, I'm forced to pull things out that I don't often reach for.

May 5th
I didn't dress on theme for Star Wars Day on the 4th (May the 4th be with you.), but I tried to make up for it on the 5th.  We'll call it "Revenge of the 5th."
This is the Ki Ba Doo raglan and a hacked up Walmart nightie paired with some really beautiful watercolor print knit from JoAnns.

May 6th
This is the Halla Slim Dolman pattern with double brushed poly from Love Adore.
I am about to start a protein rich diet with lots and lots of water drinking to regain some of the figure I have lost over the past several months (and added a few more pounds to in New Orleans).  I have a wedding to attend in June and the dress I bought currently won't zip up.  This water bottle or another like it will be my constant companion for a few weeks.

I am teaching my girls (7 and 9) to be my photographers so that I can have some better photos for the blog.  I think they are doing a good job.  You can see the 7-year-olds (edited) work on days 5 and 6. :)


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