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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Makin' a List . . .

Since I was so pleased with the results of the Gathered Clutch tutorial, I thought it was high time that I picked out some others to finally try. I really do have a huge list of bookmarks just sitting on my laptop, waiting patiently for some love. I just let them sit there.
No longer.
Here is a VIP (very important project) list that I plan to try sooner rather than later.

The ruffled bubble skirt
petal sleeves and tulip pocket dress
reversible baby bonnet
beginner's bias tape bag
Charlotte Russe skirt
1-hour assymetrical knit dress

And if you are making the kind of list you thought this post might be about, here's a place to find a free printable to help you stay organized while you shop for or craft presents.


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  1. dearest pretty pickle...you are not helping with my creative over-drive right now. but, please keep sharing all these fabulous ideas! i love that asymmetrical dress, let me know how it goes!