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Thursday, December 16, 2010

Poinsettia Pillow

After having so much fun making the gathered clutch from Noodleheads tutorial list, I have taken the bull by the horns and decided I will not merely oooooh and aaaaah at tutorials and bookmark them to do later.  If at all possible, I will do them immediately and live my crafting life to the fullest.  It's not even January and I'm already making resolutions!

So here we go! Just today, I saw this tutorial here at Crafterhours.  I was salivating as I scrolled down, hoping against hope that it wouldn't be to costly or time consuming to recreate the Pottery Barn poinsettia pillow.  I myself had seen that very pillow and wished to buy it while at Pottery Barn in Atlanta. ...no PB here in Mississippi... :(
Long story short, I did it.
Yesssss!  High five!  I sooooo smashed the Pottery Barn pillow and even added my own twist with a tie closure.

All those pillow covers made by me.  Isn't that amazing!  I'm amazed.  This is not pride here people, it's amazement, I'm telling you.  For realz.

I have three more pillows from our old couches that need covering and I will also need to make two more covers to replace the poinsettia one and the other blue and white Christmas one in the pic.  I'll be REALLY good at this by about February or so.

Update:  The lovely ladies at Crafterhours featured my pillow in their PB knock-off roundup!  Click here to see!


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