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Monday, December 20, 2010

Continued Home Tour

Let's start in the kitchen... Notice the William Sonoma Peppermint Snow soap.  That's a necessity.

Remember the pumpkin I had here for Fall?  Hobby Lobby again had the perfect neutral accessory for my tableau that changes with the seasons... and it was half off!

Here's a quick pic of the easy neighbor gift we gave this year.  This kind of thing is definitely taking advantage of "it's the thought that counts."  A little happy, a sweet note, that's all you need.

This Christmas cheer all over the fridge is a first at our house.  My oldest daughter started preeschool and now I feel like a "real" mom.  I have a carpool line sticker on my van and preschool art on my fridge.  the true tests.

Now a peek into the sunroom.  That card holding tree is the only Christmas decor in here.  I told you I didn't really have anything left after decorating the living room.  I wasn't kidding.
And, yes, we have more than 4 friends.  

 and here's the dog.

Since I didn't have any more decorations, I had to make some.  This is a $3 styrofoam wreath from (where else?) Hobby Lobby with some scrap Christmas fabric stuffed onto it with a pointy object.

Really the only other place in the house that looks Christmasy is my youngest daughter's room.  This cute pre-lit tree was given to us by my very fashionable cousin who gave me the idea for the bows.  The moose tree topper was my own idea.  See, that's what you get with an original idea from me... not too much.

Just a touch of cheer on the bookshelf, made by my woodworking daddy. 

The rest of what we had went here.  Colorful mini nutcrackers, a Christmas angel bear and the last silver star.

I'm hearing the Wonder Pets singing "Be happy with what you have..." on TV as I write this and that is the theme of our existence right now.  We're not really living the theme, but it keeps bugging us, there in the background.  In the future, we'll have more and better, but I don't want that to keep me from enjoying the small and lovely we have now.
Thanks for letting me take you on a little tour.  Now I must continue to go about cleaning up all the parts of the house that didn't make it into the photos.  :)


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