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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Bright and Bold for Spring

Color by COLOURlovers

Here is my Spring color palette to somewhat guide my spring sewing.  As with my Fall palette. I was inspired by things I already have in my fabric collection since I won't be buying all new fabrics or anything.
Let me start by showing you some pictures of things I've already made that fit into this palette.

Next, I'll remind you of some things I have plans to make.  You've seen these, but it doesn't hurt to see them again.

And lastly, some upcoming plans you haven't yet seen.

 One of the new McCall's paired with a rayon found on the remnant table at Hancocks.  Only 4$ a yard. 

I'd like to make a slightly lengthened view A or a slightly shortened view B.  I can't decide.  The turquoise fabric is left over from my Colette Clovers and the fuschia below is some sort of nubby suiting I got for super cheap in my first order from Denver Fabrics.

Also from Denver fabrics, I couldn't resist this silk double georgette.  It's my first piece of silk!  A milestone!
And I'm scared to death of it.
I picked up another of the new McCalls and plan to attempt the basic shell.  I've read good reviews about it, but will probably shorten it to a more trendy waist length.

These happy little mustard sea horses from Heather Ross have been waiting for a friend and Jennifer Paganelli (via a sale at Fabric Mart) has come to their rescue.  Aren't they just perfect for each other?  These will become my second Sis Boom Jamie Dress.

This last one is a bit of a wild card.  It's a crazy, slippery, stretchy ITY knit I got from Fabric.com's clearance section.  It reminded me of Frank Lloyd Wright's designs and I love him, so I went for it and bought 2 yards, not knowing what it would become.  It is destined (fingers crossed) to become my favorite new maxi dress.  I'm basing the bodice off of the Sis Boom Jamie dress and winging it with the skirt.  I'll be entering it as a contributor to next week's Sew Weekly challenge: Inspired by a City.

And there you have it!  Without even planning this palette, I was already headed well in it's direction, don't you think?  I'm definitely going Bright and Bold for Spring!

It's April 11, 2012 and Coletterie just posted their Spring/Summer Palette challenge.  I'm adding the button here.
Colette Patterns Fall Palette Challenge

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