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Thursday, April 12, 2012

Woo hoo! Jason Wu

I really enjoy seeing the collaborations Target does with major designers.  That being said, is it an insult that I usually will only get the designer pieces on clearance and then I alter them to my liking?

Here is a Jason Wu dress I found on clearance for $12.  It came with a cute skinny mustard yellow belt too, which I am holding in my hand.  
The dress is an a-line, with a large triangular panel in the center front and two smaller triangles inset on the lower half on the sides.
I think the pictures are making it look better than in real life.  Notice, though that you can't tell the front panel is triangular because fabric from the sides is billowing over it.

 And from the back... mu mu city
Here it is with the belt in the carriers where it was intended to be.  It makes me feel sad and droopy.

  And here it is after I cinched the back up with shirring and moved the belt up about 1 1/2 inches.
You can see the shape of the center panel now, which I think is very flattering.

The shirring took the side panels a little more toward the back so they are not adding bulk to the sides as before.

The belt is sitting just below the shirring.

MUCH BETTER!  and very comfortable.

I'm sorry Jason Wu, but I'm picky.


  1. what a great change! way to see what it could be!

  2. So much better! Great job Sara! You are so stinking cute! =D