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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

The "It's About Time" Dress

This was supposed to be the dress I completed for the UFO challenge on the Sew Weekly the week of Fabruary 6th.  But, my unfinished object remained unfinished until a couple weeks ago, and then it remained unphotographed and unworn until today.
This is fabric from my precious stash that I got in DC when we lived there for a month while my husband was in a training conference.  There's this great store called G Street Fabrics that refreshes their $3.50/yd table with all sorts of goodies weekly.  I bought about $60 worth of fabric over three visits to the shop and have been slowly working through it.
I am drawn to these soft, drapey fabrics and then I get so frustrated cutting and sewing them because they don't hold still and making a straight line seems to be impossible.  When I get all frustrated like that, The imperfections of the completed project seem to outweigh any enjoyment I might have gotten from wearing it.
I'm glad I finally got around to finishing this and then finally got around to taking pictures. If I don't style and take pictures of something I'm not very fond of, it may continue live in the closet and never see the light of day.

I like the pattern itself (Vogue 8728) and am certainly not opposed to making it again.  I think I would raise the waistline by just a half-inch or so and that's about it.  I enjoyed seeing some of the different ways things are explained for this vintage reproduction pattern that are different from modern patterns.

I think it would be fun to get a belt kit for my next one and make one to match.

 One of the niggly things that bothers me about this dress is how it's all droopy and wrinkly in the midsection when I'm not standing up straight.  What do I expect?  I don't know!  I am silly.

 I do LOVE the curve under the gathered bust, but those gathers at the neckline are tricky.  That lace detail is to cover a bit of a mess and was not an embellishment I planned on.  Hopefully it works.

This is my vintage housewife moment.
"Oh, hi honey!  You're home early!  I was just fluffing the pillows."

Thank goodness I was able to get this fabric cut relatively straight.  The lines on the fabric helped me some, but I was afraid they would indicate later if it wasn't perfect.  I'm not going to inspect it any more closely than these pictures because I bet no one else will check either.
Yup. looks ok to me.
Maybe Me-Made-May will be the excuse I need to wear it.


  1. Ok I have to bite the bullet and get out this pattern. I keep seeing it and every version is adorable!

  2. love it! The print is just so beautiful!

  3. You are gorgeous. Nice dress, too.