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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

The "City of Roses" Blouse

Here's my contribution to The Sew Weekly for the Inspired by a City challenge.
As you can see, I changed plans.  I was going to use the brightly colored ITY knit maxi dress I had in the works a couple of posts ago, but I'm still tweaking it (no pattern) and I needed an alternative.  This bright floral fabric was calling and the newest patterns are always the most alluring, right.  I bought McCall's 6510 specifically for this fabric when there was a sale at Hancock's a week or so ago.
If I had known how much my sewing machine would hate this fabric, I might have thought twice about trying it.  There are skipped stitches everywhere.  I couldn't get the thread tension right for the life of me.  My rolled hem foot refused to roll this fabric.  I guess I'm glad there's a lot going on with the colors and the ruffles and gathers and things, otherwise you might notice all the flaws.
Here are some pictures from my backyard.  The blouse demanded I dance and I was helpless to resist.  I am VERY sore today.

I'm still planning to finish my maxi dress.  I have to motivate myself to unpick some seams and that's hard enough without it being knit. The thread just buries itself into knit and it's impossible to get at it.  Fortunately, I think the dress will work just as well for next week's theme: Inspired by Childhood.

Here's the inspiration picture I found in an album at my parents'.
Scary, huh?  Can you tell I am a child of the 80's?


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  1. That is a gorgeous shirt! I love outfits that seem to have a calling like that - made to dance! I, too, am a child of the 80's and wore similar outfits!! Oh well, at the time it wasn't that bad ;)