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Monday, April 16, 2012

Two Tops

 Real quick-like.... Here's a couple of tops I entered into Made By Rae's Spring Top Sew-Along 2012.  You can go look at the Flickr pool with all the entries here.
This first one is made from a thin soft knit with a cutsie little candy print.  I bought a yard of it to make some pj's for my 4-year-old, but I wanted to see if it was going to give me any difficulties first.  So I pulled out McCalls 6078 and made this cowl neck top for myself in no time flat.  I highly recommend this pattern as I have now made two views from it and have been pleased with my results both times.  I left it unhemmed, as it will just be a pj shirt for me.

After I took the above picture, I changed into the other top I recently made.  I showed you the silk double georgette I bought from Denver Fabrics along with McCall's 6519.  I made the shell and shortened it like I said I would.  I loved it a bunch until I tried to hem it.  I unpicked my first attempt and then decided to try a rolled hem.  After I finished and snipped my threads, it looked like I had put elastic in the hem or something.  It was like it shrunk at the bottom.  Now, when I wear it, it bubbles, which is not what I was going for, but I guess until I learn how to hem silk, this is what I've got.

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