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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Figgy's Banyan Tee

Let me introduce you to Figgy's Patterns.  A pattern company making modern kid's clothing patterns.  If you are interested in local and eco-friendly, they've got that going for them too.
From the Figgy's site:

"Our booklets are printed on recycled paper and the company uses a vegetable based ink.  Our booklets also are ... printed using recycled paper and vegetable based ink.
Our paper patterns are printed at a small print shop in the state of Washington.  We use recycled newsprint to print our pattern sheets.  We also love the newsprint paper because it lasts much longer than tissue paper and doesn’t rip as easily."
I have been in love with the Scirocco Dress from afar and always love to see things people have created with Figgy's Patterns. (click those highlighted words to see some Flickr Figgy's inspiration!)
When I saw that Figgy's was included in the patternmakers that had contributed to the Sew Fab E-Pattern Bundle, I got excited.  When it was revealed and I saw THREE Figgy's Patterns in the bunde, I didn't need to look any further, the rest was just gravy.  These three patterns alone are a $30 value!
And if you think about it, that's really 5 things you can make for a girl and three things you can make for a boy.
I couldn't wait to get started on these patterns, so I cut out a Banyan Tunic and the Scirocco Dress.  I sewed up the tunic in about 15 minutes.  This is a GREAT beginner knit pattern.  You sew the neckband in while one shoulder seam is still unsewn, so there's no marking it in quarters and pinning it to the circular neckline.  The pattern also gives you permission to leave the knit edges unfinished.   I think that look works perfectly with the breezy style of the tunic.
Here's mine.  Sewn with our upcoming beach trip in mind.

Fabric from Banberry Place and EuroGirls.

And there's my little beach bunny.... speaking of bunnies, I have one to show you tomorrow, also from the Sew Fab E-Pattern Bundle. :D

Ready to buy the bundle?  Click HERE.

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