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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

UpCycles Are Fun!

Way, way back on January 10th, I showed you somethings that were Coming Down The Line and the very last thing I mentioned was that I might be willing to try some upcycles even though it's not really been something I gravitate toward.
I've done two now and I kinda like it more than I thought I would.  I think the right pattern had to come along to inspire me and that pattern happens to be the Rachel Knit Dress from Funktional Threads.
The worst thing about this pattern is all the pages you have to print out and tape together.  The best thing about this pattern is the design flexibility you have.

Here are the two things I've made so far.
The first is made from an 18 month t-shirt on clearance from Old Navy, some leftover scraps from two fat quarters I bought from Spoonflower back in October and a teal knit of unknown origin.

This one got me in a bit of trouble because I didn't realize that you really aren't supposed to use the small flutter sleeve layer by itself, but if you don't look closely at the arm pit area, it looks ok.
She told everyone about her Bambi shirt the whole day.  I love it when the girls love the clothes I make.

For my second go at this pattern, I really strayed.  I opted out of the side panels, used the curved bottom of the bodice to guide me in cutting the bottom of the shirt off, kept the sleeve that was already on the shirt (cutting it short) and used what I cut from the bottom of the shirt to make some ruffles for the sleeves.
I used the skirt pattern, but since my shirt wasn't as wide as the bodice piece (because of no side panels), I cut three separate skirt pieces instead of folding the fabric like the pattern suggests to make a full circle skirt.  So my skirt was 1/4 less wide and it just worked out.

I have five more shirts now, waiting for some kind of similar treatment.  Just what I need, a new addiction.

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  1. Those dresses are so cute! I especially like the Bambi dress. It's whimsical and I'm sure your daughter will be inspired by your creativity and making skills.