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Saturday, February 16, 2013

Sisters All Set For Summer

I've been using some new patterns lately and it was time to get out another I've had for a while.  I had a hankering to sew a romper with a ruffle butt and grabbed the Tie Dye Diva's Ruffled Sunsuit Romper pattern. I was afraid I might have passed the age/size limit with my youngest since many romper patterns that are this cute seem to be geared toward baby sizes.  I was pleased to discover the pattern I bought started at a 2 and went up to size 6. (There is a 0-24mo option in a separate listing.)
I cut out a three for my short three-year-old.  The pattern has a size guide and some tips to help you decide what size to make.
This mermaid fabric was something that I would have never found and probably would have passed by if I had found it.  It's just not what I gravitate toward.  I like florals, geometrics and woodsy critters and don't tend to buy cartoon-looking prints.  Seeing this print already made into a dress made me fall in love with it and I went right to Hancock Fabrics and bought one yard.

I changed some things... partly from preference and partly from not bothering to read the instructions.  I felt like I didn't need them because I had made this once before... like, a year ago.  I know, I know, it's pretty ridiculous that I couldn't just set the laptop on my sewing table like I usually do with the pattern pulled up on my screen.  Nooooooo.  I had to make it difficult on myself.
Two things I changed on purpose - I moved the straps in because I didn't like that it gaped in the front the last time I made it.  I also sewed the ruffles right down their middles because I had seen that look recently and wanted to recreate it.
I probably should have made each ruffle an inch lower.  She ended up with more of a ruffled back instead of ruffled butt.

After cutting out the romper from my yard of mermaids, I didn't have enough left for a full garment for my older daughter, so I mixed it with another fabric and just used it for sleeves.
Yet another new addition to my ever-growing pattern stash, I pulled out the Leighanna Peasant top/tunic/dress by Sis Boom.
I've had pink pom trim living with my ribbons for months, just waiting for whenever I finally caved and bought this darling pattern.  Out it came to add some fun to the mermaid sleeves.

This pattern gives you so many options and it spells out the sleeve length and top/dress length inch by inch and tells you where it will fall on the child.  There are options for gathers and ruffles and pom trim so each Leighanna could look quite different from another.
I wanted to make a swingy, breezy top to take the place of a t-shirt in the Summer and it looks so cute!

This pattern goes up to 13/14 years... wonder if it would be big enough to make myself one?  hmmmmmm.

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