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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Lot of Random Sewing and More...

Last Summer, I decided I would tackle swimsuits.  I made swim bottoms for my girls using an underwear pattern and I made rash guards using a free raglan shirt pattern.  I wasn't super-thrilled with the results, but the girls liked them and they didn't fall apart in the pool, so, good enough for starters. The only one wearing her Mommy-made suit in this picture is the one on the right.

Another scrap of Euro fabric leftover from a previous project was the perfect amount for this top using a dress pattern from LilyGiggle.  The curved band across the front and back are supposed to be interfaced, but I was lazy and skipped that step.  Well, it only got through about three washes before it was deformed, so I'm glad I happened to get a picture the first time she wore it.

Cute fishy shorts to match a RTW tank.

I am slowly starting to recognize that different weights and drapes of knits are more or less suitable for certain patterns.  It's taken me long enough, right?!  I've only been sewing for, like 5 years and I'm just now learning this.  So I used some bamboo cotton knit in grey with another soft, drapey, mystery knit scrap for the sleeves to make my new favorite v-neck raglan.  I didn't make it skin-tight, for once, and it's something I've been wearing just as much as any of my RTW tees, which has never really happened before now.
(no makeup, dark roots an only 1/4 of the garment showing... I'm telling you, my blogging photos ain't what they used to be.)

We go to Destin every summer.  Last summer, I made some things I really loved for my little dude and I still think they are some of my cutest makes for him.  


This superhero knit is so squishy and soft.  I'm so glad I have plenty more of this left in my stash. I think the print is definitely something that I can make a new item from each time he grows out of the last one, without fear of him disliking it.  Superheros are a classic.

I mentioned two posts ago that I was loving my pink hair but that maintaining it was costly and time consuming.  I had already decided before I even bleached it and colored it pink that I would only keep it a few months and then chop it off.  Here it is after the chop!  

I told my stylist she could do whatever she wanted with it and I felt SO not myself after this.  Like I was pretending to be that girl that can rock a pink crazy pixie cut...
but I was feeling mostly like a clown.

I ended up dying it back to red and also getting my stylist to trim it a little shorter, but I did learn to love wearing it swooped up.
I'll show you that next time.

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