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Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Playing Catch-Up Again

Last time I wrote, I left you with a grainy picture of me in my newly finished Easter Dress.  Here is a slightly better photo.

And one from Easter lunch at my grandparent-in-laws' country club.

I'm not sure what caught my attention and made me look away from the camera, but something must have.  I hemmed that dress to be floor length even when wearing my platform 6" heels and I really need to hem it again and make it shorter so that I can wear it with flats.  Otherwise, it will continue to live in my closet where it has stayed since last Easter.

I'm going to take a few blog posts to chronicle more of the sewing that I've been doing, but I don't see myself being able to do anything like what I used to do.  I used to set up the tripod with the nice camera, take 25 photos, upload them, edit them and then write a detailed post about the pattern.  HA! No way I can do that anymore with my little boy running around getting into everything.  So, iPhone action shots, probably unedited, are what you should expect for a while.

Here are a couple of shots from the mall playground of a cute little Mario-themed set I made.
He's looking over his shoulder at sister and imagining all the high places he will try to leap off of when we get home.

Action shots are par for the course for this guy who hardly stops moving.
This is another set I made with a little bit of precious euro jersey I had and some cheapo stripes.

The tuxedo stripe on the pants was only to fix a mistake in cutting the pants too small, but I really like the effect.

And, for today, I'll leave you with another not-very-good-photo of a dress that I copied as best I could from one of my favorite ready to wear dresses.  I saw this fabric at JoAnns and reeeeeally wanted something made from it.  I guess I thought hacking my own made-up pattern out of it was a better idea than using a pattern I already had.  It worked out mostly ok.  It's a little tight in the thigh/hip area and I have to walk with a bit smaller stride than normal.  I'll probably add a slit in the side for wear this summer.  Maybe I can come back to this one after my alteration and get some better photos, but I'm not promising anything.

Until next time.... 

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