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Monday, April 10, 2017

Queenie Jeans

Many, many months ago, I discovered some pairs of designer jeans at Goodwill for only a few dollars a piece.  I bought them without trying them on and found them to be too tight when I got home. 

 After a few months and a fitness challenge and diet change I tried, I did actually get slim enough to fit into them, but then discovered that they weren't really the right shape for my body anyway, a typical problem I have when pant shopping.  I then put them in a pile in my sewing room of garments that I hope to eventually reuse for projects.  

Most of the garments in that pile don't actually get used, but I was inspired to use the Queenie pattern by Farbenmix to make my girl a new pair of jeans after she outgrew some.  
The denim color mixing was not planned, but it turned out that there wasn't enough space available on one pair of jeans to cut out all the pieces needed.  

She loves them!

I really enjoy the fit and shape of Euro patterns (like Farbenmix) and have some of my best looking sewing results with them.  You should try some if you haven't before.

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