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Friday, April 7, 2017

Sewing for Disney

In my last post, I told you I got my hair cut a little shorter and colored it back to red.  Some variation of this is how I've been wearing it from then, which was in the fall of last year, until now.  

In between then and now, we went on another Disney vacation and, since I made all the clothes we packed for the girls the first time around, I felt I needed to make it a tradition.  Here is the sewing I completed for the trip this time.

For my older daughter and myself:

For myself and the little boy:

I did one of these for each girl.

One of my favorites was this "mine" shirt and we just had to get a picture in front of the seagulls outside the Nemo ride.

These skirts were fun and colorful and comfortable.  A win all around.

One of the few completely coordinated sets I made.  The fabric is "It's a Small World" theme.

Peter Pan shirts for me and the little boy.

Our Star Wars themed day at Hollywood Studios.

I included this one because there's another little me-made in here that I don't have another picture of.  It wasn't made for Disney, but its her favorite, so she brought it.  It's the fleece University of Georgia jacket my younger daughter is wearing.  I haven't made jackets for my kids before, but following Brindille and Twigs pattern made it pretty easy and the results were great.  

I stumbled onto the Sew The Year challenge over at Straight Stitch Designs and I think I might join once I'm done with all of these posts to get you back up to speed on my sewing projects.

I can go ahead and give away a couple of things that are up my sleeve.  I have lavender stretch denim on it's way in the mail with the hope of making some jeans from Mimi G's Simplicity pattern.  eep!
AAAaaaaand, I want to tackle swimwear again.  I tried it two summers ago and never ended up with a suit I loved.  I'm hoping this will be the summer I have success with swimwear.

I need lots of fingers crossed for both the jeans and the swim suit.

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