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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Better Stuff

Ok, so we all know and love Anthropologie. That beautiful, artistic storehouse of ruffled, flowered and creatively pleated goodness...
Well, a challenger has just entered the ring. Rouche.
Listen, just listen.
This website offers clothing, accessories, shoes and more. They have a category called "Decadent Ruffles." You can basically narrow what you want to look at by whether or not it has frills. How fantastic is that? But wait, it gets better.
Once you click on "Decadent Ruffles" then you get three more choices divided by color. But the colors are indicated by cupcakes. A strawberry cupcake: Pink Lady, denotes all frilly stuff that's shades of pink. A chocolate cupcake: Chocolate Peanut Butter, will take you to shades of brown, tan and taupe. A peach cupcake: Peaches N Cream, will take you to all things cream, beige and white.
Could you get any more wonderful?!

And then the clothes! Oh, the clothes! They are just as delicious looking as the cupcakes! Very Anthro, if you will, and not cheap. Not as expensive as Anthro though. I'd say they are 3/4 to 1/2 the price of similar Anthro finds. You really should check them out. The only drawback... not being able to try things on. Maybe that doesn't bother you, but things always fit me so weird.
Accessories always fit, though.

How about the "I Love to Sew" charm necklace? Cute, huh?

And if the prices are still causing you to struggle, just think of it as a whole new place to get inspiration for your own projects.
Happy looking!

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