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Monday, August 2, 2010

My Turn

And so it begins...I have officially redone my first piece of furniture.  I have been reading more and more blog posts about refinishing, painting and generally customizing thrifted gems with "good bones" and I just couldn't stand it any more.  I had to try out my own transformation.  I figured a chair was a safe first project.  Here is the chair before...

Our new home is going to be flavored with mid-century style and this chair was part of a dining set I found in a consignment shop.  I asked the owner of the shop if the owner of the set would split up the chairs so I could just get one.  I was eyeing it to be the chair we'd use at our built-in desk in the new kitchen.  The owner contacted me and said it would be $25 for a single chair, so I went and picked one.

I already new what fabric was going on the seat (because the stained denim print vinyl wasn't doin' it for me) and I got two cans of Bahama something-or-other (can't think of the name right now) spray paint at Walmart.  
After about one and a half cans and a whole bunch of staples that my dad had to help me muscle in, it's done!

Isn't she a beaut?

Do you recognize the fabric?  It's my precious Amy Butler Gothic Rose in blue that was inspired by my daughter's dress.  I still have plenty left to make some pillow covers, which, of course, you'll be seeing here as I complete them.

I betcha with my new found and growing love for thrifted and otherwise used furniture finds, I'll soon be running into the same problem this blogger posted about.  Go read her funny anecdote and you'll see what I mean.  I already caught some flack today for buying an old window to decorate.  I couldn't pass it up though.  It was FIVE dollars!  And how many tutorials are there in the blogosphere about decorating old windows?!  Plenty, right?  Well, it's my turn to try it and have a blog post of my own about it.  Wait, you're not my husband are you?  I don't have to defend myself right now...
Anyway, many projects soon to be in the works and I will surely share as I go.


  1. Looks great! It's amazing what a little can of paint can do.

  2. Looks great...love the Amy Butler fabric on the seat!!! You did a wonderful job!! Visiting from Cottage Instincts!

  3. Great! Job! But beware. Addiction follows!

  4. I LOVE that fabric, it's so pretty. Great job, you'll be hooked on painting for sure!

  5. Yep, she is a beaut! Great fabric choice.

  6. Those...my friend...are some awesome chairs!