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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Vacation Consternation

Don't think that the title of this post means I'm not enjoying my beach getaway. I truly am. I have gotten to walk on the beach alone, go to some antique stores with just my very easy, very happy 9-month old daughter, go to a thrift shop and Goodwill by myself, lay out on the beach under a huge umbrella and watch my two-year old play in the waves with her daddy, eat yummy smoked tuna dip, take some pictures that will be cherished...

and so much more!
Here it comes...


With all the cleared space I've had in my brain and all the alone time I've had on my hands, I've thought of so many projects I'd also like to be doing. I thought it might be a good use of my beach-air cleared brain to make a list of these things I've thought of.

I want to make 3-4 pillows. 2 using my Amy Butler fabric. 1 with a muslin ruffle, like this. 1 with some sort of design transfer, like one from Olive Rue. And maybe one of these, too... for my daughter's room.

I want to paint the two side tables a lighter grey than we plan to paint our living room walls. Or maybe a darker grey. And by the way, is it "grey" or "gray?" I guess since I don't know if I'm going lighter or darker, I'm not ready to do that yet.
I do have the color picked out for the walls. I can't tell you what it is, because I don't have the chip here, but I took a whole buncha greys into Abercrombie at the mall and asked an associate if she would mind if I stood around and tried to match them to the perfect grey of the store walls. She said I was the first to ask that, but, that, of course I could. She even stood there to help and brought another girl over to get her opinion too. :)

I want to choose the perfect blue-grey that will look fabulous against the orange I have chosen for the entry. The blue-grey will cover the buffet that will be our entry table. Unless I decide I want it that color forever, I eventually plan to refinish it. I'm just not ready for that yet. And I'm into paint right now.

I want to make a ruffled table cloth to cover my daughter's little square table.

I want to get several pictures, currently languishing in the digital world, printed and framed to go in our new hallway.

I want to create a large frame from moulding to go around our starburst clock that will hang over our new mantle.

I want to create a piece of art with the old window I got at a flea market.  I'm planning on hanging a "U" as a monogram from the piece of lock that's left and painting the frame some color other than white.  Something fun.  Not sure the color scheme of the kitchen yet, which is where it will hang, most likely.... although... I did say my next kitchen colors would be based on this.  hmmmmm... maybe lime green? But, I do love turquoise so. Then there's a happy shade of yellow to consider. Doggonit.

There's more that will come to me later. My girls just woke up from their nap and my brain is now occupied with them again.

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