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Friday, August 20, 2010

Grandma's Poppies

Grandma had a great jewelry collection and she loved delicate, beautiful things. Some things I remember from the many years we would visit on Christmas are her lacey table linens, embroidery hung as art, glass flower sculptures, gold leaf plant stands and the fantastic Christmas Trees made from vintage beads, rhinestones, pins, earrings and other fancies glued to a piece of black velvet framed in gold ovals. These were here signature Christmas craft and she gave a few as gifts over the years. I inherited mine. But that's for another post.
I also inherited a good bit of her costume jewelry including a very long pearl necklace. I have worn it maybe once and I didn't think there was any harm in letting my two-year-old play dress up with it. Well, of course, I should have thought that through just a minute longer, because pearls ended up all over the floor instead of on the strand. Now those pearls wait in a baggie to be used and enjoyed again in their next incarnation. I ran across this lovely tutorial at Twelve Crafts Till Christmas and knew that 12 of my pearls had just found their places.
I already had a blank canvas, because I bought a 2-pack and used one for my masking tape flower project. I have plenty of fabric (Lord knows!). We all have straight pins, right? Then, of course, the pearls... and two girls who so graciously took naps at the same time so I could cut out a bazillion circles.


Here is where it will live until we move, on my dresser in our bedroom. That blue light is from the phone.  I didn't take the time to properly stage for the picture... sorry.  It's my real life, folks.

I used 4 fabrics, 3 satiny ones and some white muslin.  I think I'd like them to have a bit more volume, so I may either just add more layers, or add something like tulle that will be really voluminous when wrinkled.


  1. This is beautiful! I just love that you could use such precious pearls for the poppy centers. What an wonderful display piece! I like your color contrast too. The tulle would definitely give it that fuller look you are wanting as well!

  2. What a cute project. I just made some poppies out of coffee filters. I need to get those posted next week.


  3. Sorry I meant to tell you I am here from Tatertots Jenn's party