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Friday, August 6, 2010

Living With What You Love

My inspiration for this post comes by way of The Inspired Room. I thought I would start a series here at The Pretty Pickle about living with what you love or, more specifically, sharing with you the things that I have around my house that are meaningful to me.
A lot of blogs I read do room tours and house tours. I'll kinda be doing that for you as I decorate our new home, but in the meantime, I can share a few things I have out in our current house that hold memories or special meaning for me.
I already gave you an example with my shadowbox post.
Here's the next installment. It's short and sweet. I am the proud owner of a very large, very intricately inlayed wood folding screen that was given to me after my grandma died. I am very privileged to have it. It is truly valuable, both in the green stuff sort-of way and also in memory and emotional currency.
I remember being relegated to sleeping on an air mattress in the den when I was young and my parents and I were visiting my grandparents. My grandma displayed that screen in the den and I would often study it's colorful details before drifting off to sleep. It was a strange juxtaposition of comfort and stiff formality for a very young girl. It is now displayed in our formal dining room and I love to see it as I go about my day. I will still stop for a moment to study it's details and admire the colors... and, somehow, still feel a small dose of comfort in the familiarity and in the memories.

I don't have any pictures of the detail of the screen and I'm not at home right now to take one.  (I'm visiting my folks out of town).  But here's a picture you've already seen of my dining room table staging efforts and you can see the screen in the background to get a better look.


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  1. awesome! I'm glad I could give you the idea! Check wal-mart too. You'd be surprised at the selection and they have reasonable prices. Much better than fabric stores.