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Monday, August 30, 2010

Retro Upgrade

Being that I'm 30 now, I think I might need to stop wearing the Winnie the Pooh t-shirts and cut-off knit pants that I use for pj's. I'm slowly buying more grown up pieces for my pajama wardrobe. I bought three sets from Target and I got one pair of pj pants from a 50 cent bin at a garage sale. The garage sale pants are my new favorites, of course. They are from Old Navy and the fit is really ideal. I'd been wanting to try (I start lots of sentences this way, don't I?) to duplicate some pants for myself from a pair that fit well and yesterday had the hour I needed to take it on.
I took an old sheet set I've had forever that was passed down from my parents and used it for fabric. I laid our the pants one leg and one side at a time. I cut about an inch outside the edge of the legs and then matched my pieces and sewed. I was already quite familiar with simple toddler pant making and my experience certainly helped me with these.
It was close. In true Pretty Pickle fashion, the rear seam almost wasn't long enough to allow for a waistband. I did end up with super-skinny elastic, but I kind-of like the look. Not what I'd planned, as usual.
Isn't the pattern on the fabric sweet? I'm all about vintage lately. These sheets look much more stylish as pj's than they ever did as sheets in my opinion.
One plus, because they're old and well-loved, the fabric is sooooooo comfy!


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