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Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Bits and Pieces

I don't know what to call all these posts. They are going to continue to be small parts and pieces of my home as it comes together. Hardly any room will be totally finished any time soon, so I'd rather just show you in bits.
Here, for example, is one of the built-ins in the living room. I'm not totally sure that all this will stay where it is or what else I will add, but I'm happy to have something pleasant looking in it for the moment.

This lamp was an $8 Goodwill find. I'm almost embarrased to say I paid $8 because I read so many other blog posts about finding entire bedroom suites for $2. Ok, maybe not, but there are folks that have found pretty cool tables for $2 or a couch for $10. That makes a lamp for $8 seem expensive. But I thought it was cool.

I finally decided on some curtains for the dining room. They are actually just transferred from the master bedroom. I decided that the dark brown curtains with the dark brown walls just made the whole feel too dark. I like the contrast here and they'll blend with every thing else going in the room. You'll see that soon.

This is a fabric swatch I'm considering for reupholstering the dining room chairs. It brings in the orange from the entry, the cream from the couch in the living room and sunroom and the whimsical design contrasts with the formal damask pattern on the curtains.

Speaking of the couch in the sunroom.... We didn't have one until a couple of days ago. And here it is!

Here's another view. No staging. Sorry. Dog, folded laundry, toys, and computer that I'm about to try to upload this post onto, it's all there in real life. And you may notice (by the tell-tale conspicuous white lump of a sewing machine) that the craft table is now hiding behind the sofa. I dislike that the beautiful pink legs can not be seen and admired by all, but I do like the freedom that gives me to put some craft storage under the table unseen.

And that's all for now!  I will be covering those two red pillows and some other pillows with recent fabric purchases and will show and tell when I'm done.


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  1. so - this is fun. keep it up!

    i am uber-jealous that you can put clean laundry on your floor. i have to wipe down a surface of all pet fur before i do anything laundry-related! eekkk....maybe one day soon when the machines are not requiring full attention. :(