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Saturday, October 30, 2010

Dress Redesign

Am I really getting good enough at this sewing thing to start making my own clothes? Maybe not from scratch, but RE-making? Dare I be bold enough to say it?... yes!
I don't have a good before, because I hardly ever take a before picture, because I never think it's really going to turn out good enough to post. Guess I need to start taking before pic...
I'll just tell you it was an empire waist spaghetti strap maxi dress and I cut the top off from the seam of the waist up and used the length of the skirt fabric to make


I was inspired by this tutorial.  She used a skirt and I just had a tube of material after I cut the top of the dress off.  I essentially made a skirt by putting elastic on the top end and then I pretty much followed her tutorial from there.  I just made my neck ruffly.
I'm really embarassed about these pictures... not the best quality taken in a dimly lit room at night with my laptop...
Since it's fall, I wouldn't really wear this dress alone like this.  Here's an example of how I might really wear it, paired with some skinny jeans or leggings and a jacket.  Or I could throw a long-sleeved tee underneath.

Here's a close up of the ruffled neck.  I haven't seen anything like this on the racks at stores I shop at.  Either that makes it awesome and unique or it makes it funny looking.  I like it and I guess that's what counts.  I've always liked that ruffle neck blouse/dress Audrey Hepburn wore in the scene in My Fair Lady where she's over at Henry Higgins' mother's house.  I guess this is homage to that.

We're all moved in to our new house!  Today was moving day, so it looks like a wreck right now, but they'll be more decorating snapshots coming your way soon now that everything's here!

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  1. Love that ruffled neck!!! Looks very chic. Great job girlfriend!

  2. wow!! your dress looks great. i think you have much more skills then you give yourself credit for! great job.

  3. wow... you have real sewing skills!! ha ha... I can please a child with my sewing!! ;)

  4. I would never have guessed that it was once an empire-spaghetti strap dress.

    Bravo. Lovely, for sure.

  5. Wow!!! Okay where is mine??? I love love love it!!!

  6. That ruffle is the coolest thing ever! It looks amazing on you, too. What a gorgeous refashion!

  7. That ruffled neck is just gorgeous... I am always sewing/refashioning for my two little girls but this just might be something I have to do for me (and maybe a mini me version too!) Am off to become another of your followers (I came here via Shwin & Shwin) - come stop by my blog, say hi and if you like follow me about to!
    Love your work!
    The Spangler @
    The Quick Unpick