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Friday, October 8, 2010

More Sneaks

Here's a sneek of the new mantle color. Well, not mantle color, whatever the wall around the mantle is called. The olive green is from my inspiration fabric. Someday, I'll have a pillow cover made out of it.... when I can discipline myself to sit down and finish it.

See the wall color in the background? We're still in the living room and that's as close as I could get to "Abercrombie Gray"...
They use an elusive perfect gray in their stores that I've admired for some time. You may recall that I took some paint chips into an Abercrombie a few months ago. Well, there it is, the closest I could get. My hubby says we need to turn the lights down, spray his Fierce cologne everywhere and play music really, really loudly and then look at the paint color for the full effect.

This is a sneak of the kitchen. There's not really anything that needs to be done as far as painting or decorating to show you the whole thing, but it's just a disorganized mess right now.
I'm liking this simple fall trio. Of course, the pumpkin is the only fall aspect. I like the idea of the neutral scheme year round. Keep the candles and switch out the third object for a neutral season or holiday themed item. Good plan! I like it!

This is how many of the curtain rods in the house look right now... empty. Curtains are not my strong point. And they happen to be very expensive, so I'm at a halt right now and these rings will be naked for a little while longer.


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  1. i am laughing hysterically at chuck's comment! awesome. :)

    ps - i am with you on curtains. gross. that is why most of my windows are naked. just don't look into my house at night if you drive by. hehe.