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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Pillow Covers...

Can be pretty difficult to make without any kind of measuring and cutting mat to help you make square fabric pieces. I did ok, but they're not perfect. As you'll see.

I think I got lucky with my first one. I'm glad I got lucky with it because this was my very precious, impossible to find fabric.

Here are the others I've done for the couch in the sunroom. I chose 5 fabrics to mix and match. CRAZY. I know. I'm not yet sure if they all were the right choices, but we're going to live with them for a while.

These two pillows are the two red ones in the picture in the last post. See anything strange? Maybe that one is square and one is rectangular? Yeah, that wasn't intentional. I was obviously not so lucky on my measurements when I made the floral slipcover. I took the red slipcover off of one of the pillows and stuffed the stuffing into this one. Right now he's Mr. Lumpy. I'm going to wait a bit and see if the filling relaxes and spreads out a bit before I go in and do surgery.

Here's how I tried to tie all the fabrics together...

And here's one last pillow I made for the chair in the sunroom.  It's my own random design.  One-sided ruffle with bow closure.

last thing:

Sewing is now a little more joyful than it used to be... not that I ever didn't like it.  This pincushion just makes it an even happier experience.  Look at how happy it is.  Doesn't it make you happy?


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