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Saturday, October 2, 2010


Before (a little armoire for my 2-year-old's "Vintage Cupcake" themed room):

After the Before, but not done yet:

My craft table (YES CRAFT TABLE!!! I've never had a dedicated craft space, so I'm pretty pee-in-my-pants excited...) mid-paint job, but you can imagine the before by just imagining that awesome pine color all over:

My hubby agreed that I could use pink as an accent color in the sunroom and I am really happy about that.  I was concerned it would be too girly for him, but he just said, "I'm not afraid of pink."  Awesome.
This pink paint is Martha Stewart's Sugared Pink Pansy and it sure is yummy looking.  I was just plain happy the whole time I was painting this afternoon.

More to come!


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