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Thursday, January 10, 2013

Coming Down the Line

I've got several things going on at once, which is not at all unusual.  I thought I'd share, partly because you might find it slightly interesting and partly because it might help me stay on task.
For instance, I don't want to leave these awesome purple corduroy Ottobre Tulip pants unfinished much longer.  Only the waistband, zipper and hem to go.

I have a couple new additions to my sewing space.  Some purty organization/storage for my fabric (which was previously stuffed in drawers and piled on a shelf in my laundry room) that doubles as a home for my new embroidery machine!

I was surprised how easy it has been to jump right into some cute designs.  I was afraid I would be stuck with block letters until I read some textbooks about how to do other stuff.
I am so excited I saved all those fabric scraps!  And so excited to finally have a use for them!

Quite a while ago, I traded all the plain buttons on my favorite cardi for big, fabric-covered buttons.  I enjoyed that for a while, but I couldn't button it up any more and I got tired of that.  A couple days ago, I bought some new buttons and I'm thrilled with the new life they have given this old sweater.

Aren't they adorable?  I find myself reaching for this more now, if that's possible.

I got some beeeeeeautiful fabric in the mail from Fabric Mart.  This gorgeous stuff will become the dress I wear for my hubby's graduation dinner/ceremony.

And I'm preparing myself to venture into new territory by getting some clearance tees at Old Navy with the purpose of making some cute upcycled dresses.  We'll see....  The upcycled look really isn't my thing.


  1. Your fabric for a dress is beautiful! How exciting to have a new embroidery machine.

  2. Buttons are super cute, great plans in the works, and cannot wait to see the dress you make from that amazing fabric!!