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Saturday, January 5, 2013

One Goal, Materializing

One of the goals I have for this year is to try and sew myself a swimming suit.  Underwear and swimming suits are both in the same category for me: things to buy, not make.

Do I have the perfectly fitting swimming suit, though?  No.  Do I have the budget it would take to find this elusive suit?  No.

My three desires in a swimming suit are butt coverage, a low back and nothing in the front to be nervous about.  I have never been completely at ease in a swimming suit.  I suppose women rarely are, but I feel like the potential exists for me to feel more comfortable in one... and not as the result of the Jillian Michaels workout video that just came in the mail for me today, although that will contribute positively.

I can't even remember how, but I came across this pattern from the 70's several months ago and bookmarked it for whenever I got brave enough to seriously consider making it.

Look at it!  It has the potential to check every box on my list!

Stretch and Sew 1313 is now in my possession and I ordered some fabric today to make a couple of muslins.  This fabric wasn't expensive.  If the suit is awesome, I like the fabric enough to wear it, but if it needs tweaking, I won't cry about having to find another fabric to buy.  It takes less than a yard, which is awesome.

Would you ever consider sewing your own swimwear?  Have you already?  Any patterns you love?


  1. I've thought about it and even have the fabric and some vintage swimsuit patterns, too! Have you seen Dixie DIY's swimsuit sew along from 2012? She sewed a bunch of suits, too, it was interesting.

    1. I had seen that before a while ago, but thanks for reminding me!