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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Ottobre Tulip Pant

These pants have been finished for a little over a week and have already been worn and washed, but I didn't get some pictures until yesterday.
These are the Tulip Pants from Ottobre 4/09.  I made some for my three-year-old for her birthday and thought they were just the cutest pants I'd ever seen.  The location of the ruffles in the front and the back gives them such a cute shape, not to mention the cuteness factor of the pockets and the v-shaped yoke in the back.  My girls look very different in size, but really, most of their measurements are similar.  Eden just has longer legs and arms and no belly.
I got the idea to try Arielle's little pants on Eden and, except for being too short, they fit!  I was ecstatic to think that I wouldn't have to trace off another size to make them for Eden.  I made note of where on Arielle's leg the ruffles started and just lengthened the leg and ruffle when cutting a pair for Eden.

They are made of a soft corduroy in vibrant purple that was originally reserved for me.  See, I'm not selfish ALL the time.

I was imagining all the ways I would embellish them, but I could never decide on exactly what I wanted to add.  I settled on some big purple ric-rac to keep it simple.

These pockets were difficult to wrestle with the first time because the instructions call for you to turn the curved edge under 1/4 and sew to the pants.  This time, I just lined the pockets, sewing the lining to the pocket right sides together on the curved edge and then turning right side out a pressing.  That way, I didn't have to worry about turning under any edges.

Oh my goodness, this is hilarious.  Just this second when I put that pocket picture up, I realized that the pocket is upside down!  What you see right there is the right pocket on the left side of the pant.  sigh.  Oh well.

 The yoke in the back is so easy to make, but adds such style points and goes really far to make them look like "real" pants.  Great design detail.

Another garment that's been cut out for months finally complete!  

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  1. I wouldn't have even noticed that about the pockets if you hadn't mentioned it.;) The pants are super cute...I love the ric-rac you used to embellish.