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Friday, January 25, 2013

Too Big, Too Small, Just Right

I was fortunate enough to win the PortobelloPixie Claire pattern (OOP) from the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day a few months ago.  I have loved the apron peasant on the cover ever since I first saw it, so I knew which version I would be trying first.  There is a knot dress and a peasant dress, both with variations.  I had heard this pattern runs small, so I cut a 4 for my small 5-year-old.

Unfortunately, I misunderstood the sizing issues.  It turns out that the knot pattern runs small but the peasant pattern runs BIG.  This looks so lovely on the floor, but it hangs like a sack on my girl.  The great thing is that I love it and she will grow. :D

Just tonight, I started sewing Butterick 5456 just as I had planned in my clouds and dots.  I cut out an 8 and was kind-of concerned that there wasn't a 6.  Turns out there was no need for concern though, because this 8 is a smidge smaller than I'd like!  Here's one time where cutting out what I thought was my size has bitten me in the butt because I have no other sizes available to me now so I can't size up.  I will make a note to add 1" to the center front next time.

I sewed for my younger girl too.  These fabrics have been cut out since last summer, which means I was a little concerned they might not make the right size/length dress for this coming summer.  Thankfully, my short one hasn't shot up in the last few months and the dress was pretty much perfect!

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