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Friday, January 18, 2013

Grumpy Clouds Make Me Happy

I used a modest Target tank that's been well-loved to cut the pieces out for a new (favorite?) tank.

I was trying to use as little of the clouds as possible, so I spliced in some grey/white polka dot on the back.  Whoops!  There's some bra strap.  I'll need to wear a racer back style if I don't have a cardi.

One of my fave color combos has been lime and indian teal (a universally flattering color which you can see here).

I think I'll add mint and indian teal to my favorites.


  1. love it!! You rock those grumpy clouds!

  2. Such a cute print. Great save to extend its life.

  3. What a super cute Tshirt!! I love the mix of prints too :)