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Thursday, January 17, 2013

Matching Pattern to Fabric

Last year, I spent a bunch of my Christmas money on fabric and patterns and then did a post where I showed you what I planned to make with pattern and fabric pairings.  I've made most of what I planned and I'm ready to do another similar planning post.
I really enjoy looking back and seeing what I've accomplished and also what I decided to do differently.
I am seriously putting myself on fabric ban again (and by the way, the pattern ban has been blown to heck), because I spent way too much on new fabric this past month.  That includes these two lucious knits.  The polka dot is from PurpleSeamstress on Facebook and the Caaaayuuute mint clouds are from Funkalicious Fabrics on Etsy.  Don't click that link unless you have money to spend!!!
One yard of minty cloud cuteness cost me $15 + shipping, so I need to stretch it to get my money's worth.  I'm planning a tank top and the top part of this Butterick dress.  It calls for 3/4 of a yard for the bodice and hem, so I have to squeeze the tank out of 1/4 yard.  Here's a couple of cute examples of this pattern.
The skirt of the dress will be the gray/white polka dot and I think I'll make some Lily Giggle Rings of Ruffles leggings for my 5 year old with some of it too.

  I got this pattern today and I am oh-so-excited.  I'm almost not even settled on what fabric to use with it.  I got this extremely soft blue and purple and white striped knit last Spring in DC and it's been promised to about three different patterns now.  I can't make up my mind!
I first fell in love with this pattern from this post by Jorth, but these other examples show it's versatility.

I got this pattern recently too.  blush.  I told you the pattern ban was kablooey....  
I also picked up a yard of this awesome silk print at Hancock back in the fall and finally cut it out a few weeks ago to make that yellow version on the envelope.  I'm just too skeered to sew silk, so there it sits, cut and ready to sew.  There are so many pretty versions of this top out there.

A wrap dress with good reviews and more purty knit fabric, this time from Banberry Place.

This is another fabric that I'm not totally sure will stay betrothed to this pattern.  I got this vibrant ITY knit from Fabric Mart and have planned to use it with this Butterick, but I'm just not totally certainly set on it yet.

I had plans for this linen-look mint green jacket back in the Fall, but it would work for Spring too...or next Fall... whenever.

Remember the Graduation Dress?  I had gotten the fabric, but was still debating the pattern. A sewing friend of mine suggested a mash-up of two of the patterns I picked.  I ran the idea by Hubby and he thought it looked great, so I bought the patterns today in the 5 for $5 McCalls sale at Hancock.
I'm using the top with the open back and the three tiered hi/lo skirt together.  The rayon Challis is from Fabric Mart.

 Lastly, coming straight to you from my top five goals for 2013; a swimsuit pattern and three swimsuit fabrics to play with.  I bought the one on the left from Funkalicious Fabrics on Etsy because I was already buying that cloud fabric and I loved the swim fabric too.  That's really the one I don't want to cut into.  The other two I got for relatively cheap on Fabric.com and were destined to be muslins, but now that I have them in my hand, I love both of  them too and don't know which to cut into first!!

I have some minty clouds to show you tomorrow and can't really decide where to go from there. 

 Maybe I need to read up on sewing silk since I have that top already cut out. 

I'm also planning some outfit posts and planning to share some recent Target bargains with you.
See you soon!

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