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Friday, May 18, 2012

70's Success!

Fabric⁃ voile designed by the fabulous Anna Maria Horner
Pattern⁃ Simplicity 7341
Year⁃ 1976
Notions⁃ invisible zip
Time to complete⁃ done in so many bits and pieces, I really don't know
First worn⁃  May 13.  This was planned all along to be my Mother's Day dress
Wear again?  Do I get to?!  Oh yipee!  Yes, please!
Total price: $25 or so

I first became aware of this pattern when I saw Tilly's amazing Nani Iro double Gauze version.  Besides the amazing fabric choice, I thought the pattern itself was just as cute as cute could be.  I was disheartened at the time because I hadn't yet made any attempt at sewing from a vintage pattern and I also had no hope of every locating this obviously awesome pattern in my size.

Then, out of the blue, it happened.  One just popped up as I was browsing on Etsy.  I wasn't searching for this pattern, but recognized it immediately.  I still hadn't sewn any vintage patterns, so I wasn't sure about sizing, but I knew I had to have it.  Miracle of miracles, this dress is STRAIGHT from the pattern with no alterations WHATSOEVER.  That is absolutely amazing to me.

I would call the pattern difficulty advanced beginner.  It's definitely something I feel a beginner could attempt, but there are a couple of head-scratching parts and you do need to be careful about transferring markings.

As far as my fabric choice... I have loved AMH voiles ever since I bought a circle scarf kit two winters ago, so it was a natural choice after seeing Tilly's double gauze version.  I'm no stranger to mixing prints, since I started my sewing journey by sewing for my little girls and mixing prints on their dresses is the most fun.  It's even easier when picking prints from the same fabric collection, so I take no special credit.

After a yummy brunch at my favorite restaurant, we walked around the corner into an open air shopping center for a photo op.

 Both girls were running around and my 4-year-old kept darting in and out of the pictures.  This one's a gem.

 This is the first time I've put a zipper in before doing the side seams.  Interesting order of directions in older patterns...

 I wore this great vintage necklace.  It may have been a brooch originally?  I'm not sure, but Etsy seller Flirt Treasures remade it into a necklace and then put it on sale and then I bought it and I love it!!!

 I also got to wear my Blush Envy ring my husband got me for Christmas and I wore Essie's Muchi Muchi on my nails to be extrra matchy matchy.


  1. That is to die for! I have that same AMH voile and need something to do but am not as skinny as you. Hmm, still feel like you did somekinda wonderful with that!

  2. Wow, that is a really beautiful dress! Love that shot w/ your daughter too :)

  3. Beautiful dress, beautiful fabric. How amazing that the pattern fit, just like that! You must have great sewing karma.

  4. Gorgeous, gorgeous. I love vintage 70's and late 60's patterns. They are so easy to wear and I am definitely a fan of sewing them. They come together so well. Great job, and what a fit. I usually have to alter significantly.