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Monday, May 28, 2012

MeMadeMay 2012 Days 21-25

The first two pictures were taken at my parent's house.  I left back on the 20th to stay there and attend my Grandmother's funeral.

Day 21: One item you've already seen, my Grainline Scout Tee, this time paired with some altered Old Navy sailor jeans.

 Day 22: Baby girl has the remote and I couldn't get the camera to focus on me for ANYTHING.  I stood everywhere in the frame, even filled up the frame and waved at it, but no luck.  Here's the best shot we got.  I'm wearing shorts from Day 17 with the Target tunic from Day 9 and I'm really enjoying the shorts now that I'm not worried so much about the poof at the top that happens when I walk because the thighs are too tight.

 Day 23: Driving back from staying with my parents...Blouse made from McCalls 6510 paired with purple jeans from Bisou Bisou, altered with darts to fit at the waist.

Day 24: I tried out my zebra leggings (McCalls 6173) as workout gear.  I got compliments on them, but felt horribly sticky and hot.  There's a reason certain knits are more suitable for athletic gear, apparently.  This is not one of those knits.

Day 25: Date night!  I went to dinner and to see the Avengers with my hubby.  This doesn't actually qualify in my Me-Made pledge because it's only altered, but I'll do penance.  This top started it's life as a dress on a rack at TJ Maxx.  I cut the dress in half and now I have a top and a skirt.  You can't see it but I added a band of stretchy black fabric to the bottom of the top and I'm wearing it here with black pants.
The hand washing at the theater was the best I could do for the water challenge in the Flickr group.